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Supercomputing Luxembourg is the starting point for your supercomputing journey.
Access to expertise, advice and training for high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Supercomputing Luxembourg

How we help

The mission of Supercomputing Luxembourg, the National Competence Centre in High-Performance Computing, is to promote the use of supercomputing, data analytics and artificial intelligence to all types of organisations: industry – in particular small and medium-sized companies, research centres and public administration. We guide you all along your supercomputing journey and provide you with access to expertise, advice and training. 

About us

Tell us who you are and we will tell you how we can help. 

 I represent a company

Small, medium and large companies from a wide variety of sectors and industries can benefit from supercomputing to accelerate innovation. Our Competence Centre can help to expedite your project outcomes.

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I’m a researcher

Are you a PhD student, postdoctoral fellow or researcher at a university or a research centre? Our Competence Centre can help you with the supercomputing aspects of your research project.

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I'm in a public administration

Public entities are key users and central players in the adoption of supercomputing technology. 

Our Competence Centre can help you with your supercomputing objectives.

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Success stories

Boosting efficiency of complex simulations with high-performance computing

Taking multi-physics simulations to the next level of efficiency using powerful computing technology

Enhancing building performance modelling for sustainable communities

The challenge of this case study is to demonstrate the use of such a tool, which requires the performance of an HPC system because of the scale of the simulations being addressed. Previously this tool

Faster simulations, faster results: revolutionising blast furnace charging with high-performance computing

Transforming blast furnace simulations from a year and a half to just 15 days, thanks to ground-breaking technology

GigaSOM.jl: Clustering and visualising massive cytometry datasets

Unleashing the power of GigaSOM.jl to analyse and visualise incredibly large cytometry datasets with remarkable speed

Improving product design efficiency with computer simulations

Using advanced computing technology to create virtual prototypes for a hydraulic powder press

Scaling up metabolic modelling with COBREXA.jl for high-performance analysis

Unleashing the power of parallel computing for large-scale constraint-based metabolic models

Shifting to environmentally-friendly hydrogen in steel production

Powerful computers help us understand how steel is made at a tiny particle level

SES optimises the performance of its satellites

For the satellite operator SES, the use of the MeluXina supercomputer is particularly interesting for optimising satellite performance and spectrum allocation.

Understanding biomass furnaces with virtual models

Using advanced computer simulations to improve biomass furnaces and make them more efficient and reliable.

ispace maps the shadows on the Moon

ispace is a lunar exploration company that is currently working on, among other things, a mission to the polar regions of the Moon in search of frozen water.

Unlocking the secrets of molecules: how supercomputers shed light on their behaviour

Supercomputers revolutionise our understanding of molecules by accurately calculating their interactions

RSS-Hydro maps flood impacts

RSS-Hydro is active in this field and one of its key objectives is to provide scientific flood risk maps to users in order to assess prevention efforts.

Using artificial intelligence to reduce the computational cost of real-time air quality modelling in urban environments


Revolutionising environmental modelling: a cost-effective and innovative solution for environmental impact assessments

Cloud-based environmental modelling

Using high-performance computing to improve desalination technology

Using advanced computer simulations to enhance desalination technology at a microscopic level