Four compelling reasons to attend the Luxembourg Supercomputing Day

Supercomputers’ computational capacity, as well as the related business, research, and innovation prospects, has prompted increased global interest in supercomputing technologies.

The growing emphasis on supercomputing or high performance computing (HPC) can be attributed in part to a widespread conviction of its potential, as evidenced by an increased access to these powerful computing systems, which can perform extremely complex operations and have a much faster and larger data processing capacity than the average computer.

Several real-world uses of high-performance computing technologies have provided strong evidence of the unique outcomes and solutions that supercomputing can provide to some of the world’s most pressing and seemingly difficult issues. For instance, applying supercomputing to cancer research, weather forecasting, virtual prototyping or language modelling are just a few examples of how supercomputing is being used in academia, government, and business.

“Knowing how to best apply this powerful resource for specific projects, company operations, or research endeavours can be a major game-changer as saves its users a lot of time while achieving more efficient results at a lower cost,” explains Ralf Hustadt, Special Advisor on Digitalisation, Data Economy, and GAIA-X at Luxinnovation.

These fascinating developments in the field of supercomputing are not limited to large firms or specific industries but affect all types and sizes of companies and research organizations. “From the transportation and logistics industry to pharmaceutical, manufacturing, banking, or creative industries, we’re still scratching the surface of the astonishing potency of supercomputing in industrial and scientific functions. This is why the Supercomputing Day was conceived by the Supercomputing Luxembourg National Competence Centre, a collaboration between Luxinnovation, LuxProvide, and the University of Luxembourg within the EuroCC project, to really accelerate the uptake of this computing technology for research and industry in Luxembourg and beyond,” explains Mr Hustadt.

The EuroCC project is an EU-funded programme aimed at strengthening Europe’s supercomputing ecosystem, which today includes eight supercomputers spread across the continent. Luxembourg not only hosts the headquarters of the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) network dedicated to this goal, but it is also committed to accelerating the adoption and integration of high performance computing in both academia and industry, having procured its national supercomputer MeluXina, which now features among the world’s top ranking and greenest supercomputers. The dedicated Supercomputing Day 2023 will investigate how supercomputing can enhance more efficient, cheaper, faster and innovative solutions with several panel discussions, use-cases, presentations and more activities planned. The following are four reasons why the Supercomputing Day is a must-attend event for everyone.

Take your first or next steps into the thrilling world of supercomputing

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between supercomputing, cloud computing, and quantum computing, why supercomputing should be an interesting topic for you, what the market trends are or how supercomputing is linked to being more competitive and efficient, or how to access a supercomputer, then the Supercomputing Day is the best place to start your supercomputing journey. All of these questions will be addressed during the programme’s many panel sessions, and participants will have the possibility to request clarification on specific areas throughout the event.

Discover innovative industry use cases, learn from your peers, and identify new opportunities

During the event, you will learn first-hand from Luxembourg and international companies and research institutions using supercomputing for their diverse projects and draw inspiration from the concrete results they have achieved. Representatives from RSS-Hydro, research and product development company offering geospatial services for a sustainable future, and German software company Kimoknow will feature among the line-up of expert speakers.

Maximise the potential of people, partnerships and pecunia for your business

Around 100 people attended the Supercomputing Day last year, including high-ranking industry executives, research scientists and government officials.

“Even if you don’t have any specific supercomputing initiatives in mind, the Supercomputing Day is an excellent way to spark fresh ideas and cross-sector collaboration to achieve common goals. There are funding instruments available that can be used to support HPC projects in Luxembourg and Europe. Participants will learn about the national, European, and RDI funding opportunities on which they can rely during their supercomputing journey,” adds Mr Hustadt.

Explore the supercomputing, research and industry nexus

“The Supercomputing Day 2023 is a melting pot of ideas and a meeting place for research and industry. This year’s programme has been designed to foster relationships at all levels and to really drive that direct and natural connection between research and industry in the field of supercomputing. A special panel comprised of members from research, industry, and the Ministry of the Economy will delve into the theme of hackathons as a bridge linking both worlds,” explains Ramona Caulea, European Projects & Partnerships Coordinator at Luxinnovation.

Between research and development focused morning sessions that allow for a deep dive into the topic of supercomputing from a scientific perspective, and industry-focused noon sessions, several interludes are envisaged including an ART-ificial walking lunch and networking sessions.

Register to take part in the 2023 edition of the Supercomputing Day taking place at MUDAM – The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg on 4 May 2023. Entrance to the event is free of charge.

Photo credit: Luxinnovation

If you are considering using supercomputing for your projects, please do not hesitate to contact the Luxinnovation team to evaluate your high-performance computing potential or to request additional information that could help you bring your supercomputing projects to fruition.

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